Unit 3-Ir de compras y la ropa-Going Shopping and Clothing

Here are some games you can play to practice some of the vocabulary from this unit

La ropa de la Abuela Game-Pick the correct word with what the Grandma is wearing

La ropa seca Game – Close line game-Choose the correct piece of clothing to take off the clothes line - don't forget to match not only the correct clothing article but also make sure you have the right color!

Muñecas y su ropa-Choose what clothes you want to dress your doll…make sure to repeat the words as you use themJ

Balloon/bubble Game-Click on the correct bubble to match the word. Make sure to click as many times as you can before it switches to a new word.

Clothing Games-Click on th People Category, choose people clothes 1 and now play any game of your choice. You can always go back and choose people clothes 2 for more gamesJ

Cuenta-Números 1-30
Sing along (dance if you want to) to review numbers 1-30 in Spanish

Number Practice
Practice numbers on these electronic flashcards. For an extra challenge, shuffle the deck, play the games & even try to spell them in Spanish.
Number Flashcards 1-30

Number Flashcards - 10's